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After the Business License – 07/25/13


Event: After the Business License - 07/25/13

Presenter: Mike Bindrup, Raj Tumber and Kathy Carrico


“After the Business License” is a monthly, 2-hour program designed by the Nevada Small Business Development Center to improve small business sustainability in southern Nevada.

This program will address common reasons why small businesses fail, mistakes to avoid, and more importantly, how to increase awareness about the need-to-know resources and tools that are available through multiple, local agencies.

“After the Business License” is designed to help small business owners assess their own credentials as an entrepreneur to successfully operate a business, identify areas of improvement and learn about the opportunities and resources that could potentially be valuable to their business and operating skills.

Agenda Items:

  • Why businesses fail
  • How to identify your target market, and pursue the appropriate market  (market research)
  • Adequate record keeping
  • Filing with the IRS; includes official IRS small business packet
  • Overview of resources

Date: July 25, 2013

Time: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Location: Workforce Connections One-Stop Career Center - 6330 W. Charleston Ave., Suite 190

City: Las Vegas

Fee: Free

Registration: Online or (800) 240-7094