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ELKO: Mechanics and Strategies of Online Selling (Part 3 of “How to Sell Your Product Online”)


Event: ELKO: Mechanics and Strategies of Online Selling (Part 3 of "How to Sell Your Product Online")

Presenter(s): Ben Tedore, Nevada SBDC Webmaster and Business Advisor


Mechanics and Strategies of Online Selling  Part 3 of “How to Sell Your Product or Service Online” assumes that the small business owner is now equipped to design their sales processes via their website. Mechanics of their site (i.e. shopping cart, credit card options, revenue processing, etc.) will be covered so that the attendee is ready to do business online. In addition, a new marketing strategy can be designed and implemented that outlines digital outreach considerations such as email marketing, social media advertising, etc.

Some small business owners think that simply having an online presence is good enough.  While it is important to exist online, the power of our current digital tools lies in using them effectively to engage, retain and drive new clients to your business. With 81% of all purchases beginning with an online search it is important that your business shows up in those results or you may be losing business.

This class will cover the different options for selling online more in depth. We will look at the variety of system choices available to small business when setting up an online storefront and go through the pros and cons as well as best practices.  Other areas we will cover include security, backup options, shipping and payment gateways.

Whether you are an online store or not you will still benefit greatly from techniques and strategies we cover to get people to your website and convert them to a customer.

• How to choose and setup a hosting system
• How to address security online
• How to backup your website
• How to handle shipping and taxes
• How to manage payments
• How to drive traffic to your site with available tools

About the Presenter(s):

Ben Tedore holds a Bachelor's of Liberal Arts in Digital Media Art, University of Nevada, Reno. He is the Webmaster for the University of Nevada’s Business Services Group and the Nevada Small Business Development Center. Ben has extensive hands-on experience, teaching over one hundred clients the essentials of website development, social media integration, and using the Internet for effective marketing and communications.


Date: Saturday, August 12, 2017

Time: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Location: Great Basin College, 1500 College Parkway, High Tech Center Bldg., Room 123

City: Elko


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