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The Nevada SBDC's professional counseling services are available free of charge to small business owners and prospective small business owners. Nevada SBDC clients are counseled by professionals who utilize their educational and business experience to provide practical, relevant advice.


Small Business START SMART!


Event: Small Business START SMART!

Presenter(s): Andy Allison, Nevada SBDC Business Advisor


There are lots of resources and directions to go as you start a new business. In order to be smart about the process, we’d like you to START SMART!

Anyone who is considering owning their own business, or has already opened one in the last year, is encouraged to invest 2.5 hours inside our classroom to learn critical first-step basics that will save you both money and time. Discover who your local experts are that are both legitimate non-profit agencies, and who offer their services at no cost to you. Follow up one-on-one counseling appointments are available to all who attend, at no cost. Gain essential knowledge you need as a business owner, for success. Agenda items include:

  • What a business owner MUST know
  • Common pitfalls for business owners
  • The compliance/legal issues of business
  • How to understand financials
  • The how-to’s of funding
  • How to do market research
  • Resources for the business owner
  • Know how to develop a business plan the right way
  • Schedule a free, one-on-one follow-up counseling session

About the Presenter(s):

Andy Allison is a Business Development Counselor who has counseled owners with the SBDC since 2008 (7 years in the New York State SBDC). Andy counsels throughout the southern valley in Nevada, as well as writes and presents training workshops for the Nevada SBDC. Andy’s expertise is focused in the hospitality industry, the food service industry and the retail and merchandising sectors of business. He has a BIS degree and a Master’s Degree. Andy has owned his own businesses and has worked in corporate management, developing an understanding of the real necessities in a business model. Andy has had training in lean Six Sigma and develops operating systems, production flow schematics and preventive waste concepts with time, money and materials.

Date: Thursday, December 7, 2017

Time: 4:30 - 7:00 PM

Location: University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, 8050 Paradise Road, Classrooms A & D, Las Vegas, NV 89123 (just off the 215 at Windmill)

City: Las Vegas


Registration: Online or call (775) 784-6879

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