Free Confidential Counseling

The Nevada SBDC's professional counseling services are available free of charge to small business owners and prospective small business owners. Nevada SBDC clients are counseled by professionals who utilize their educational and business experience to provide practical, relevant advice.


NxLeveL Entrepreneur Training

Education for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

NxLeveL for Entrepreneurs is a multi- week program designed to teach you how to plan for success. In each three hour session, certified instructors lead you through the business plan process of goal-setting, business strategies, financial accountability, and management techniques. There is no better way to achieve the dream of business ownership than by researching and writing a business plan. During this process, an entrepreneur can examine all the pros and cons of a business opportunity, analyze the consequences of different strategies and tactics, and determine the human and financial requirements for turning an inspired idea into a viable business venture. Studies show that entrepreneurs who complete business plans are six times more likely than others to build a successful small business.

NxLeveL is affordably priced, always staying under $400 per person, and tuition includes NxLeveL materials. Taking NxLeveL is an entrepreneurial decision to learn more about operating a business from actual business owners, and amazing guest speakers.

Is the success of your business worth $10 an hour to you?   Visit the Training Calendar to sign up.

Questions? Please contact Kathy Carrico, Master Trainer and Nevada’s NxLeveL Administrator at

What is NxLeveL for Entrepreneurs?