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NxLeveL Outline & Syllabus

Course Outline & Syllabus

NxLeveL for Entrepreneurs addresses the important elements of success for any business.

  • Week 1: Introduction, Overview and Entrepreneurship
  • Week 2: Planning and Research: Entrepreneurial Essentials
  • Week 3: Planning and Research: Entrepreneurial Essentials: Business Research
  • Week 4: Organizational Matters: Management and Legal Structure
  • Week 5: Marketing: Analysis and Understanding
  • Week 6: Marketing: Strategies, Tactics and Implementation
  • Week 7: Financial Overview: Books, Records & Controls
  • Week 8: Managing Your Money: Financial Planning and Budgets
  • Week 9: Managing Your Money: Developing and Using Cash Flow Projections
  • Week 10: Managing Your Money: Understanding and Using Your Financial Statements
  • Week 11: Financing Your Business: Sources of Money
  • Week 12: Green Business Opportunities: Environmental Solutions
  • Week 13: Your Business Future: Negotiating, Managing Growth and Plan Completion